Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here is the final sketch for the main wall of the fresco. It is 9 feet high and 23 feet long. In the lower left corner is an existing wall made of greenstone. It is part of a fountain that come out of the wall in the upper left corner and falls into a pool.

Stuart has the greens almost mixed and is now checking to see if they match the plant on the left.

Gerardo de la Barrera starts in the upper left corner above the stone wall of the fountain. First he trowls on wet cement to just the spots to be painted next. Then the paint is brushed on - the paint being a mixture of lime and natural dyes mixed earlier by the artists. The blue sky outlines a tree branch to be added from which Spanish Moss is already dripping from the phantom limb. Ed has already decided to hang real Spanish Moss right over the painted ones.

A view from our office balcony of the the upper part of our new tree with Spanish Moss.

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