Friday, December 25, 2009


View east from the deck of my mother's house in Berne, June 2009

Proposals on the Albany Hilltowns web site to encourage folks to visit the hill towns as a means to preserve the farmlands and the scenic beauty, and at the same time boosting the local economy, are the subject of The Altamont Enterprise  Feature Story for the week of December 24, 2009. Barb Husek tells me the front page article in weekly the Altamont Enterprise, by Zack Simone, also includes several nice photographs, and that the editor wrote a "glowing editorial" about our efforts, (Barb's words). My copy won't arrive here in Oaxaca, Mexico for another week. 

View south from the deck of my mother's house in Berne, June 2009

This Christmas season Albany Hilltowns is celebrating its first anniversary! It was only a year ago that the first few pages of my site went online. There are now 2063 pages, "and growing daily." The main page is viewed over 1000 times a month, and that rate is also increasing steadily.

View west from the rear deck of my mother's house. Shows the Pine Grove cemetery, June 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009


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Not having enough to keep me busy I have created a new blog for Albany Hilltowns. My thinking is that this way people can subscribe, and I will only be sending out updates on Albany Hilltowns genealogy and history to those who have an interest in that subject.... Take a look and subscribe.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


We are in Otavalo, Ecuador in the Andes where we are have taken a bungalow for four nights at Ali Shungu Mountain Lodge. The bungalow has two bedrooms, a huge living room, and a kitchen. The views are incredible. It is 10 minutes from town at the end of a dirt road that some taxis refuse to go. Click on a picture to enlarge.

View from our window at Ali Shungu Mountain Lodge, Otavalo, Ecuador

Zoom lens

Living room in our bungalow

Morning view of the valley from the road to our lodge

At the animal market in Otavalo this morning.

The vegetable market

Textile market in Otavalo, Ecuador
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