Thursday, August 14, 2008


We are just beginning a project with two artists to do a fresco of a jungle scene on the walls of the patio. The walls are opposite the glass wall of the living and dining rooms. All of the Bedrooms also have glass walls with sliding doors overlooking the patio with its soon to be jungle scene. There will be birds, butterflies and a monkey in a tree. The fresco is going to be spectacular. One of the artists is local, Gerardo de la Barrera, and the other is a friend of ours, Stuart Brandt, who with his partner have just bought a house to remodel here in the center of the city not far from us. Click on Stuart's name and you will be taken to his Studio web site with incredible examples of his work.)

This is Gerardo and Stuart's first collaboration.

Here is Gerardo mixing natural dyes with lime.

Color samples on the wall.

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